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Our Donatello Petite recliner has arrived, with the same innovation, customisation and comfort all in a petite size.


"I came over to your shop yesterday to try out the latest chair to hit Australia and wow what a chair! There is nothing in your shop that comes close and I’ve tried them all. Having a fused neck, arthritis and just had two lower back surgeries I
am needing support while sitting. I could never get a chair to
support my lower back and neck until now because of the
electric adjustable lumbar support and electrically adjustable
headrest. Gone are the days of trying to use pillows to get
the support which could never be achieved. Even the way
the chair lifts you has improved as you don’t feel like you are
going to land on your face."

Customer Feedback

"I feel this would have a good application for kyphosed clients and offer adjustability not in the typical lift chair ranges on offer. The contoured seat base is also a good feature to assist with lower limb and pelvic positioning, acting as a lateral thigh guide to a degree. Although often a client with a higher or more complex seating needs may not be the best candidate for the standard lift chairs ranges, these will be welcome additions to provide low to moderate seating support and correction which I think will be beneficial."

Therapist Feedback

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